Único De Mondron, Gold Award 2018

Our Olive Grove

Olive growing is an ancient practice in Mondrón. Magnificent Verdial de Vélez trees have been growing here for thousands of years, monumental, resistant, millennial olive trees, anchored to a privileged mountain range, the Axarquía mountains. Genetic studies show that Verdial was transported to the peninsula from the Middle East in Phoenician fishing boats that disembarked on Málaga’s eastern shores. Once there, the cuttings were implanted in the old Iberian wild olive trees…thus was forged the myth which still lives on today in the shape of centenary trees that defy eternity. This occurred over 4 000 years ago and today we can still offer the world the oil of those olive trees and that of other olive trees planted by the inhabitants of Mondrón using that original plant material.


This oil is obtained from Verdial olives harvested in October and November, an early period when this olive offers us its most intense treasure, with fresh green notes that the consumer will find unique. Único de Mondrón is an oil that reveals its best traits through scent, giving off an intense fruity green olive scent together with delicate apple, banana, tomato and almond aromas. The olfactory phase ends with pleasant, surprising aromas that are a reminder of flowers, vanilla and low Mediterranean hills. A spectacle in itself! In the mouth, Único de Mondrón confirms the aromas that we perceived with our sense of smell in a retronasal phase. The touches of green almond and freshly cut grass are highlighted, and it enters the mouth with a sweet, fluid, lively personality that culminates in a light combination of tame bitterness and spice. This is, overall, a delicate, balanced, very elegant olive oil.